Guide to switching to HNB

This is my guide to totally quitting cigarettes and moving over to HNB.
I feel qualified to write this because I have done it.
However, that is my only qualification. I am not a doctor or health professional.
I have tried many times to quit cigarettes. Using patches, gum, Vapes etc, failing every time. But with HNB though, I did it one day.

Firstly, obtain your choice of heat not burn product.
I know this seems obvious, but it is vital to have your supply chain ready.
After a few days using HNB you are going to need to top up your supplies and you cant buy these in the shops yet. If you run out of HNB you will go back to smoking real cigarettes, so plan ahead not to run out.

Put your HNB kit in a cupboard and don’t try it out yet.
Just charge it up and get it ready.

Do a test on your lungs.
Find a tall building and walk up the stairs, see how many floors you can walk up without stopping and make a note of this.
We will do this test again after switchover, you may be surprised by the results.

Plan your switching over week.
Look ahead in your schedule. Can you find a few quite days when you are not working (a week preferably) and don’t have any commitments? Ideally your switchover should take place at a quite time so to avoid stress triggers. If you are going on holiday that is a good time.

The night before switchover day.
Buy a packet of cigarettes, not your usual brand and put the unopened packet in your jacket or handbag etc. with a lighter. You will keep this with you during switchover. Don’t worry about it being a temptation, it wont be. It is there to stop a stress trigger during switchover.
Before bed smoke or throw away the last of your usual brand of cigarettes, you wont be needing them anymore.

Switchover, day 1.
Time for your first taste of heatnotburn.
On the instructions for the IQOS (and other HNB products) it says “puff on it as you would a cigarette” Don’t do that. Draw on it and inhale all of it.
Because HNB doesn’t produce any smoke, just a little vapour, this makes the experience less visual. Its all about the taste and flavour. Inhaling it shows you just how like a cigarette it is. Except without the smoke.

So, now know how good HNB is. All the pleasures of smoking without the smoke. Good isn’t it.
However your new HNB habit it is still different from your old smoking habit that you have learned to love over many years.
So you may be tempted during the first day to light up a real cigarette. Before you do…
Stop and think, is It really worth going back to cigarettes for that little bit of extra pleasure when HNB is 99% of what you want?

Switchover, day 3.
Repeat the lung test.
Go back to your tall building and walk up the stairs, see how many floors you can walk up without stopping and make a note of this.
compare this with the previous test.
I saw a 25% increase in my ability. I expect you will see similar.
This immediate health benefit is to do with carbon monoxide in the blood. cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide which inhibits your ability transfer oxygen in your blood. Since HNB has no carbon monoxide after a day or two Oxygen levels return to normal in your blood and you get an energy boost. Smokers who quit will often notice and remark about this energy boost.

 Switchover day 7.
Stop and think.  Has your smokers cough gone yet?
As my switchover days went by my smokers cough get less and less.
It was a slow process so I didn’t really notice until after a month or so.
My mornings used to be the same every day. Brush teeth, gargle, cough and spit. Then one morning a month or so after switching I noticed the cough had disappeared. I just cant remember if it was the first week or later that it went.

Switchover day 14.
You should now be able to throw out the unopened packet of cigarettes you bought prior to switchover. I stole this trick from a quit smoking message board. Having the pack in your pocket stops you going to a shop and buying your usual brand. Smokers spend many years going about their day with a pack in their pocket, it just feels weird when there is not one there. Under some stress the smoker may buy a pack and its all downhill from there.

However, I still have my unopened pack in my laptop bag.
Why? I am not really sure. Maybe its because cigarettes are really expensive in the UK and I cant bring myself to throw a £10.30p pack away.
Also, I do like to intrigue other smokers by showing them the unopened packet and saying “that’s how close temptation is, and I don’t want it“.

Lastly, don’t expect a magic bullet from heatnotburn.
The only element HNB has missing from the smoking experience is the smoke, and that is the element that is killing you. But its also an element that smokers enjoy and expect.
This switchover guide is here to help you painlessly bridge the gap between enjoying tobacco with smoke (cigarettes) and enjoying it without (HNB).

So, the first day can be a bit new and different. Very pleasant, just different.
Allow yourself a little time to enjoy this modern way of indulging in tobacco.

Good luck.