Can the IQOS replace smoking?

Yes, It did it for me.
I have been testing Heat Not Burn products over the years as they have become available. Although pleasant to use none of these gadgets were good enough for me to commit to, and finally quit smoking. Until this.

That was six months ago.
I have not smoked a cigarette since.

What’s it like to use?
You take a small cigarette like stick called a heet and insert it into the IQOS.

Heets and IQOS

Push the button on the IQOS, wait 20 seconds then drag on it as you would a regular cigarette. When finished, remove the stick and place the IQOS back in its charger.
PMI have gone to great lengths to replicate the taste of a real cigarette.
It’s so much like a real cigarette that it’s not worth going back to smoking.

They have also gone to great lengths to replicate the smoking habit.
The feel of the filter tip and the warmth of the nicotine vapour.
It lasts about 6 minuets (12 puffs) same as most regular cigarettes.
The heets come in packs of twenty.
The charging unit lasts for twenty recharges.
Switching to the IQOS is like switching your brand of cigarette.

It all feels so familiar.

So, what is heat not burn Technology?
HNB vaping uses real tobacco that you insert into a small electronic device that heats the tobacco. A nicotine containing vapour is released from the tobacco and you puff this vapour.
Because the tobacco was not burnt there is no smoke.

The manufactures claim that since the tobacco does not burn, the levels of harmful chemicals are significantly reduced compared to cigarette smoke.
I am not a doctor or health professional, all I can confirm is that I don’t have a smokers cough anymore and it’s much easier for me to walk up the stairs to my 3rd floor office every day (no more stopping on the 2nd to catch my breath).

For many people like me who just cannot stop smoking, HNB can help.
How do I quit smoking?
Don’t, change the way you do it.

Can I just make this clear.
I am not associated with PMI or any other HNB company. I do not receive any payment or gifts from any manufacturers.
I have to buy my HNB vapes just like everybody else.