PAX 2 Review

Oh dear, this reminds me of the old Butane powered HNB devices I tried in the early days. Good for a couple of puffs, then less satisfactory.

This type of device (that uses an oven to vaporise the leaves). Was originally made for people who prefer leaves of a more funky nature. Often these people where not smokers and needed a device like this to enjoy their fun.
I am very grateful to these people as they introduced me to the HNB idea many years ago when I saw someone using one.

It’s a simple to use device. You pack the oven with hand rolling tobacco and Switch it on. Wait about a minute and puff on it like you would a pipe.


I really hoped this device would deliver a good experience from loose leaf tobacco, but sadly it fails.
I would like to see a good heat not burn product that you can use with hand rolling tobacco because it would have a few advantages (mostly cost) over the tobacco stick products.
However, having now used an electronic version of the idea I feel that such a product is never going to emerge. Unless maybe someone invests a couple of Billion pounds in research to develop a good one.

Hey Imperial tobacco, have you got a couple of billion to spare?